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A native of Chicago's Northwest suburbs, Dr. Brian Huffman is the healing force behind Align Spinal Health and Wellness, a local, family-owned practice he established in Southwest Florida in 2016. As the only Advanced BioStructural Correction™(ABC™) certified practitioner in the area, his patients experience corrected posture and a true form of healing.


Dr. Huffman's passion for chiropractic care is personal. Due to a back injury he suffered while working in Chicago, he experienced pain and limited mobility that had a negative impact on his ability to exercise and live an active lifestyle. After seeking treatment from a chiropractor, he was pain-free and able to be mobile again after just a few sessions.  This experience led him to chiropractic school at National University of Health Sciences located just West of Chicago.  


While at National, Dr. Huffman learned many different chiropractic techniques that traditional chiropractors perform.  The “tools” that he learned in school allowed him the knowledge and ability to help people get out of pain.  But there was something missing.  Many of these techniques, although helpful, never seemed to fix the primary problem of why the human body “breaks down” and develops symptoms.  That is why with traditional methods some people got better and some people did not. So he kept searching.  In his last year of chiropractic school, Dr. Huffman came across an advanced technique that fixes the primary biomechanical problem in human bodies.  That technique is called Advanced BioStructural Correction™ (ABC™).  The additional education from the ABC™Institute (taught by ABC™developer Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz) not only explained how the human body breaks down over time but also how to fix it.  Dr. Huffman and his family relocated to sunny Southwest Florida and he is an exclusive ABC™practitioner.  His mission is to fix people’s bodies so they can live their life and function properly, pain free. 

Education and Work History

  • Northwestern University, 2005 undergraduate degree

  • Personal trainer, Chicago’s North side

  • Anesthesia technician, Northwestern Memorial Hospital

  • National University of Health Sciences, Doctor of Chiropractic degree

  • Certified practitioner of Advanced BioStructural Correction (ABC™) – a true form of healing

Personal Information and Achievements 

  • Reebok All-American football team placekicker as a senior in high school

  • Four-time football letter winner at Northwestern University

  • Family includes his wife, Beth, and daughters, Lily and Emilia

  • Kettlebell (Girevoy) Sport Athlete

Member of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce- Fort Myers

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