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Our Proven Technique





Advanced BioStructural Correction™ is unique because it finds the primary (forward) misalignments in the body and corrects them.  As the primary misalignments are corrected, compensations release because they are no longer needed.  Over time your body will unwind and untwist through MANY LAYERS OF COMPENSATION and eventually function normally (i.e. well).  Instead of focusing on the symptoms of the problem, ABC™focuses on the primary problems and your body will work through old injuries and compensations on its own.  The structural problems of past injuries (aka “old age” problems) resolve and true healing takes place.


What to expect from an Advanced BioStructural Correction™ treatment?


Before the primary (forward) misalignments are addressed, a special tissue (the meninges) that covers the brain and the spinal cord must be released.  This is accomplished by performing full body stretches in a very specific direction. Over time the stuck areas in the spine are released which allows for further corrections to misalignments to be made.  This step is CRITICAL in the your body’s healing process! 


Next, corrections (adjustments), to the weight bearing joints (spine, hips, knees, and feet) are preformed in the standing position and on a flat table.  As patients are adjusted they begin to have a reduction/elimination in symptoms and are able to stand taller with less effort.  


Before and after each session your body's TRUE posture is assessed.  True posture is how your body (i.e. structure) holds you up.  Typically posture is thought of when a person uses excessive muscle recruitment to hold their body up.  Anyone that has been told to “Stand up straight!” knows that holding his or her body up is tiring and almost impossible to do consciously all the time. ABC™ treatments allow patients to stand taller in a relaxed state.  No additional effort is needed.  The immediate change in your body can be seen in the before and after pictures that are taken during treatment sessions.  


The Importance of proper SITTING, STANDING, and SLEEPING


Chairs, shoes, and mattresses/pillows play a very important role in our body’s mechanics.  Doing the proper things in these areas can be the difference between correcting the body’s structural problems (i.e. getting out of PAIN) and staying stuck in a twisted mechanical position (i.e. staying in PAIN).  Implementation of these simple lifestyle changes will save you TIME and MONEY!

How to Sit, Stand, and Sleep to support your posture - Dr. Zahedi:

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