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What to Expect

When you visit Align Spinal Health and Wellness, please be advised that your journey to total recovery and well-being is just that – a journey. Our treatments begin with a consultation and full exam as well as a look at your posture and medical history.


If you have any questions about treatments options, contact us today.


Your Initial Visit

  • A full exam of you body, posture, and health history

  • Questions about your current symptoms as well as previous injuries

  • Discussion about your health goals

  • Explanation of how the human body “breaks down” over time and how it can be corrected

  • Posture photos will be taken to assess your body’s current structural position

  • Provide VERY IMPORTANT information on proper mechanics to get the most out of your treatment gains.  This will consist of information about SITTING (proper chairs), STANDING (proper shoes), and SLEEPING (proper mattresses and pillows)

  • If appropriate, you will experience your first ABC™ treatment

  • Up to 1 hour and 20 minutes for this visit


Your Second Visit

  • Provide an “Ideal Calendar of Care” consisting of treatment frequency, cost, and when routine assessments will be done

  • Explanation of “Unwinding” which is the healing process for recovering from the mechanical injuries that accumulates over your life

  • Perform an ABC™treatment

  • Up to 40 minutes for this visit


Additional Visits

  • Continuation of treatments

  • Assessment of your progress

  • Answer any question you may have about your condition, care plan, or progress

  • Up to 20 minutes for these visits

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