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It is our goal to make you feel comfortable with the ABC chiropractic care process. Here are a few frequently asked questions. Should you need any aditional questions answered, contact us by calling 239-887-4161 or via email:

  • Why is my body hurting?
    Structural misalignments and problems can occur due to traumatic events such as an accident or even from something as simple as improper shoes, chairs, and mattresses. When the body is subjected to such changes, certain bones tend to go out of place in a direction that the body cannot self-correct, because there may not be the combination of muscles to set them back in the optimal position. These specific misalignments lead to compensations (e.g. shoulders, restricted joints in the back and neck, hips, knees, tight muscles, feet, etc.) in the body. Compensations and compensation patterns distort the structure of the body which ends up causing problems and pains. It can easily be seen in people with a slumped posture. A common presentation is the forward, slumped posture with rounded shoulders. There are other common presentations, such as: A lower back that is flat or curved too much One shoulder or hip higher than the other A neck that is straight or excessively curved Flat sections of the spine, or many other different deviations of a normal spine When you visit Align Spinal Health and Wellness, we'll begin with a consultation and full exam as well as a look at your posture and medical history. Get in touch with us for more information.
  • What is ABC- Advanced BioStructural Correction?
    Our Proven Technique for Pain and Body Misalignment Align Spinal Health and Wellness is the only Advanced BioStructural Correction (ABC) certified practitioner in the Fort Myers area. A revolution in chiropractic care, ABC addresses the primary reason why our bodies break down as we age. If you deal with chronic pain and body misalignment, ABC can help. To learn more or to set up an appointment, contact us today. Walk-ins are welcome!
  • Do you accept insurance?
    We do not work directly with your insurance provider. Our medical staff can make a "superbill" for the patient, and they can submit it to their provider for reimbursment.
  • What is Cloud9?
    Cloud9 is a float therapy spa. To float, an individual enters a float pod filled with about 200 gallons of water (10" deep) and one thousand pounds of Epsom salt kept at skin temperature (93.5-95 degrees). Health Benefits of Floating: - Decreases anxiety and depression -Improves sleep -Lower stress -Relieves physical pain -Enhances athletic performance -Wellness for addictive personalities For more information, visit the Cloud9 Spa website:
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